Before using Easy LANGA,
it is right for you to know.

Update: 17 July, 2017

We do not deceive anyone, we only want to give you a method to deal with downtime, and as you may have understood, because of this when you enter the system we may need to collect some data in order to improve your experience. We legally need to inform you of this.

1Info about Cookies

A cookie is a small text file. The website you visit asks the browser to memorize cookies on your computer or on your mobile device.

How do we use cookies

We use cookies to understand, assure, operate and provide our services. For example, we use cookies:

  • · to provide Easy LANGA Desktop computers and other web-based services, to improve your experience, understand how our services are used and customize our services;

  • · to understand which ones of our FAQ artciles are most popularand to show you important contents related with our services;

  • · to remember your choices, like your preferred language, and to customize our services for you in many other ways;

  • · to classify the frequent questions on our website depending on their popularity, understand the mobile users and the desktop ones, who use our Web services, and understand the popularity and effectiveness of some of our webpages.

How to control cookies

You can follow the instructions provided by your browser or your device (they usually are in the "Settings" or "Preferences" sections) to modify the cookies settings. Take in account that if you set the cookies' deactivation in browser or device, some of our Services may not work correctly.

2 Entity Registration

With the subscription, you agree to LANGA Terms of Service related to Entity Registration Contract. In addition, you agree to the treatment of your personal data as mentioned below and described in detail in our Privacy Rules:

Data collected while you use Easy LANGA Platform

When you create an Easy Langa account, we memorize the information you gave us, like for example name, e mail address and telephon number. When you use Easy to perform every kind of operation the information you create are stored.

Why do we process data?

We process these data for description purposes in our regulations, including the following ones: help our services to provide more useful and customized contents, for example more appropriate search results. Improve our services' quality and develop new ones. Publish customized announces, both into LANGA services and on partner websites and APPs. Improve the safety, offering protection against frauds and illicits. Make analysis and Measurements to better understand how our services are used.

Data combination acceptation

We also combine data from our services and different devices for these purposes. LANGA, for a technologically safer world. The subscribers accept the Behaviour Conditions [langa_mod.5] and possible future Project's Conditions [langa_mod.7] , the resale parties called “Reseller” and “Commercial” agree to [langa_mod.4] between LANGA and their legal person. The acceptance can happen through paper or digital modules. In the case of a digital acceptance, the signature is made through the acceptance of the "I AGREE" button, and not the very signature of the individual.

3Project's Conditions

By accepting a quote referred to you, you also accept the LANGA’s Rules of Procedure to manage technical, administrative and commercial conditions with parties’ related rights and duties:

  • · Technical Part: it shall respect the project’s conditions declared on the signed quote, dealing with its project through a dedicated Team. The technical division shall have the full control over the single projects’ technical modalities, being entitled to choose the tools through which completing the work requested. The project’s operational and management modalities depend on the kind of quote signed. Damages allocations are not chargeable in case of textual or photographical data’s loss. The processes not mentioned on the quote shall be evaluated only with the commerical responsible.

  • · Commercial Part: it will be dedicated during all the project, and it will support the communications between the customer and the technical part. Possible extra processes shall be quantified through the execution of new quotes. It can decide to end the relation, without any penalties, excluding damages compensation, caused by non-compliance or fallacy.

  • · Administrative Part: it will take account of the payments (invoices) agreed between the commercial part and the customer during the quote’s acceptance. It will make tax documents and coordinate project’s processings. Extra fees may be applied to the customer, because of payments’ delays.


It accepts and refers to [langa_mod.3]. Furthermore, we recommend the full read of the art. 7 of DLgs. 196/2003, regarding the party’s rights. It is available on the website of Privacy Guarantor www.garanteprivacy.it. Jurisdiction over every dispute about this module’s execution and/or interpretation shall be resposibility of Turin’s Court of Law only..

To read the extended version, go to: Term and Conditions

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