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What is this APP?

Management, control, care and Marketing creation

Marketing for your Company?

Do you think a good Marketing is the best way forward? Do you think relying on a Technical Team would be the right thing to do? Web, Video and Print, simply our job. We offer you our method, in order to make your work professional.


Do you want to sell Digital Services?

Get out of your head the idea of easily entering in our network, here everyone shall sweat. You will work next to the most expert ones, in order to learn managing your zone and your Resellers. We offer a simplified work through Easy.


Are you an Expert Technician?

As you would know, a huge self-sacrifice to learn graphic softwares, video editing, informatic codes,...and so on. We offer a proper Software House, in order to allow LANGA to be always unique. A great communication work.


Are you able to make calculations?

You think the fiscal and administration fields are your environment? Easy will help you coordinating your section through modules which will allow you to create documents. A piece of cake, with Easy.


1° Management System for Marketing Creation


Once the first quote is approved, you will become a LANGA Customer, able to follow your Downloaded ones with all the modules dedicated to your Marketing's control. Data Storage, control, Project revision and financial management of invoices. This Method guarantees a professional technical support, which provides Digital Marketing services, not wasting time in lone Freelancer's shaky works.

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You will be able to put into practice your sales skills. We only provide the Easy tool, which allows you to interact with different profiles and guarantees a simple creation of necessary documents for the presentation to the Client. Do not present yourself poorly, choose Easy Method's tools, in order to be prepared about the commercial sale.

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The Technical profile will be able to start and actively follow the Project's processing through his modules without useless discussions with the Client about the Marketing Method. Choose to take the route with this method, in order to avoid missed payments, discussions and sector incompetences on a much bigger Project!

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The administrative profiles are able to monitor Projects as account managers. Allocate payments through facilitation tools for fiscal documents' creation. Choose to have a sense of coordination to manage Marketing Projects. Choose the job you like, not jumping through hoops to keep the accountancy.

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Managed Technology


will help you in discovering Easy's functions with advice dedicated to the programmed modules.

Don't forget calling people, but forget everything about missing a project's deadline, remeber the events you planned, keep working not worrying about the notifications...there is Jolly for this!

Calendar Easy LANGA
Quotes Easy LANGA

How we buildt this astonishing APP

The little history of our Web Development

Easy LANGA is born as every application does. A team of technical analysts, programmers, illustrators and designers has created a virtual informatic archive able to shorten times, costs and paper for different profiles.

An history begun from a simple corporate problem which, nowadays, has expanded in order to finally solve the communication problem. The software has become the help support for many people, discover the evolution and enjoy the APP with our Studios!

Choose to do Marketing with Method

Easy 2.0 Frontend Modules
Easy Dashboard


Create your virtual space to facilitate the search of the instruments at your disposal.Order your dashboard selecting your modules, so that you will be able to keep in real time every information under your control.

Easy Entity


Create and keep on hand your entities' anagraphics. You can have an easy access to your data of address, contact person and contact info of all your contacts using simple tools for research and communication.

Easy Calendar


Organize your schedule with LANGA. Create and modify your events. Keep a close watch on them every day, in order not to forget.

(remember, Jolly's notifications will help you!)

Easy Quotes


Complete control in every phase of the sale. Create and update quotes on the basis of the optionals uploaded in Backend from SuperAdmin, proposing them to your potential Clients.

Easy LANGA Project Management


Create and keep an eye on your Projects' progress. Check the emotional status, the countdown and the processing status. Comment privately or openly. Find out the huge flow of media exchangements between different profilings.

Accounting Easy LANGA


Complete management over invoices and fiscal operations. Create and organize sales invoices or payments due to be received through PayPal method on your sales. Deeply manage your accounting.

Alerts and Notifications Easy LANGA


Communicate with Clients through specific alerts, keeping them up-to-date about deadlines, projects' progress or appointments scheduled. An unique Method for you Marketing's creation, without wasting time.

Statistics Easy LANGA


The statistics module is able to graphically show you every project of yours. Project's completion,progress of work, confirmations, quotes, fiscal assignements,...and even more for a dedicated control.

Tickets Easy LANGA


The Tickets allow you to have a connection in both directions with the profiles, in order to mantain the Method's line without forgetting about the fundamental relationship based on direct and manual answers.

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APP for Marketing's care and management

Psyching ourselves up, we managed to develop an unique product, which includes informatic developments to help everyone who is part of a Marketing process. We know Marketing is the only way to sell your corporate Products and Services.

That is why we don't want to joke too much about it...we always keep all the work phases stored through the Easy Method, which will manage to avoid many bureaucratic and not-necessary processes, not helpful for your Marketing requests

A part of the Team

Many people worked on this APP, in order to guarantee an unique experience for every registration profile on Easy.




IT Manager




Graphic Designer

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