This profile on Easy was made to provide all the necessary tool to the Client's Marketing creation, a big help for all the technicians able to create marketing.

Thanks to this, profilings like photographers, social editors, programmers, video makers...will be able to manage their time with style and with no time loss, guaranteeing an easy feedback system for the other profilings affiliated as partecipants to the entity.
Technician profile


In this section the technician will be able to check his projects in the works, start the confirmed quotes and manage his modules independently thanks to the sided Drag and Drop. Finally it will be possible to keep the general outline under control.


It will manage the whole anagraphics, managing the entity's data, working on the notes and costs schedule of the entity which commissioned the work. No data will be lost and every one of them will be stored safely in a spece dedicated to the entity.


The Calendar section allows you to manage your events, check the LANGA Team's availability and manage payment deadlines related with your projects. Create events and let the system manage the notifications in order not to waste time. Nothing will be forgotted, now Easy will help remind you your appointments!


Primary Module of technician's profiles allows to manage processings thanks to a space dedicate to the commisioned project. You will be able to link the project to its confirmed quote in order to start with the data of commercial section, you will be able to put a start and end date, you will store client's sensible data and manage processings with descriptions and comments. Let the client have a connection with the online revision, no Skype Account? No worries, there is Easy! Remote revisions with screen sharing. Remember, you can share whatever you want with every kind of profiling for Media exchange. What you did today will never be forgotten, but it will always be available to let you know how the things went.

PayPal Requests

Request your payment and make LANGA pay your commission or the amount based on the Marketing processings made.


You will be able to directly communicate with the profiles creating manual Alerts, which generate push noitifications and alert emails.