This Easy profiling was made to check the commissioned job. Client and Customer are profilings who avtively follow the processes of Marketing intervention in order to check if their ideas are being developed as they like.

Commercials, Technicians and Administratives will coordinate each Client's passages, in order not to make them take responsibility for a job they are not competent in. Let LANGA experts do the work. Simply Marketing interventions with Method.
Client Profile


Through the dashboard you can keep an eye on the right LANGA references in order to reach your commercial responsible. Once having purchased one of LANGA's services you will be able to have an outline of your processings, in order not to underestimate anything and have a global control on the technical, commercial and administrative side.

My Entity

Thanks to the anagraphical expansion of the Entities module you will be able to modify the information related to your comapny in every moment, in order to make out the documents generated by the other LANGA's profiles, such as quotes and invoices.

My Events

Through the Calendar you will be able to review your appointments with LANGA and ask for their modification.

My Quotes

With the Quotes module you will be able to always control your quotes, made for you or the entities linked with your user. Forget everything about the Mail search for lost quotes!

My Processings

My Processings are simply all the project begun with LANGA Studios, to which is attributed a virtual space for an active comment and the possibility of interact with different profilings to reach the final goal. Thanks to the project space you will be able to manage processings, having a space to store password in, manage media for data exchange and create moments of interaction like the shared screen vision of the work.

My Invoices

The invoices section will allow you to have the LANGA invoices always archived for your accounting registration, with no excuses of missed reception.