A Great Group

The company was born from a group of young minds, which spent their time working hard in the respective fields of Web, Video and Print, in order to grow technically, commercially and administratively.

5 June 2015
13 Nov 2015
Expansion of Hey network
5 Aug 2016
Why Group Fusion
More than 150 VIP Clients and more than 2000 works


To this day, we count solid Clients, who requested Web, print and video projects. Their requests have been satisfied by the internal technical divisions: LANGA WEB, LANGA PRINT e LANGA VIDEO.


Since the beginning, we made web, graphics and Video processings, requested to LANGA Studios. We can not state that we worked for everyone, because our works are not for everyone, our quality philosophy of Good Marketing needs to be understood.


We believe in future, we are willing to expand on the whole territory of Hey's sales network, in order to make clear our Method applied to projects.

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LANGA | Aldo Moro Street 6/C, Italy (CN) 12051

What else to say, all the roads pass through Rome, find the right way.

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